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Reload Thread: Suggestions on a 6.5 Separate/6.5 Coax setup

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    Suggestions on a 6.5 Separate/6.5 Coax setup

    Hey all.

    I've been out of the audio scene for about three years now. I recently purchased a new car and after a few weeks without my setup I can't hardly stand it.

    I will be running the components off of a Rockford Fosgate 250a2, seems so old school now lol, but it will work fine. Given that power range, what would you guys suggest? I used to have JL XR525CS in my Civic. Also, this setup will be going in an 99 Integra.

    For the rears I am open for suggestion. There is a budget obviously, but I don't want to be cheap either. I will also be looking for two twelves or something somewhat comparable to the three JL 12 W0's that I had in my Civic. I don't want to weigh down the car all that much, and I will not need as many speakers to get the same sound. The civic had a rear seat and deck, and the Integra is a hatchback. I will run any subs I get off of my Rockford Fosgate 360a2.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Suggestions on a 6.5 Separate/6.5 Coax setup

    what are the specs of the 250a2 and the 360a2. i gaurentee a nice 10" or 12" will blow away ur W0's.

    how did u like ur XR's? i hear they are very nice. I just got my crystal components all hooked up and i love em. i got em for $170. look at Focal Polykevlars or Utopias if u want to spend $$$ also if u want a **** good deal and ur speakers are 6.5 id grab the CDT Cl-61a for 149.99 off just cuz of some faded paint on the speaker. regular price is usually 250 or something

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