I'm going to be sound deadening my car the next few weeks and would like to upgrade the speakers. I have an 06 TSX with a factory amp, front 6.5 comps, 6.5 coaxials and 6x9sin rear deck that are strictly bass. I am not gonna upgrade the headunit since its built in navi and i'm not willing to install an aftermarket amp. I had CDT ES 6.5 comps in my other car and there great but looking for something thats not gonna cost to much and was really wanting to try a active setup with the speakers. Was thinking like vifa, scanspeak, morel something across those lines. I've always been interested in trying these brands but not sure on what particular models. I want a 6x9 which will deliver good bass for the stock amp. Just something better than stock. I know will not sound as good as my other car since I don't have an aftermarket amp but thats ok and I understand that.