So I am about to put a sub in my 06 Envoy and will soon after be looking to replace the HU and speakers( because I just don't think the stock Bose(blows) will cut it with the sub). I am leaning more towards sounding good(SQ) but getting kind of loud when need be. I will be running a SI Magv4 subwoofer powered by an Audioque AQ1200d. I will also soon be getting either a Premier Pioneer Avic-F90bt or Pioneer AVH-P4100DVD. I have only ever replaced the HU and sub/amp but never gotten into comps/midbass/coax. Here's what I am looking at so far

Alpine Type X-REf

Not really sure what else I can get for that price. I want to stay under $200 for the comp set and both of those have shipping included and the ID's are an authorized dealer.

I am also wondering what to do in the rear. I would rather not mount a tweeter so was thinking about going with either a midbass driver or a set of coaxial speakers. What would you guys opinion be? Again want to stay $100-200 for the rears as I doubt those are quite as important as the coax's up front. Thanks for the input and advice ya guys can give me. Also an amp suggestion would be nice but was thinking of the Audioque or Cadence 4 channel amps and would like to stay around $200 for those.