Ok so here my vehicle,(94 Astro/Safari) I dunno how well you guys can understand it but if you have problems with the diagram I made of it just ask whats what.


Ok so the tweeders are mounting kinda under the dash, about chest height a little lower. If your wondering why I included the stock speakers I'll discuss it further down.

So the front speakers and tweeder(Brown), which I have modified the front doors and they are installed below the window are run off a 4 channel amp, they get 50 watts each channel. The 6x9(Blue) Is also on a separate amp, I think its 50ish watts, not sure though. And my subs which are 2 15" Kicker (Green) in separate boxes.

Also the new speakers have the option to mount the tweeder right onto the speaker, should I do that or put it where I hadmy old tweeders?

The speakers are Apline + Tweeder (Brown) and a pair of infinitys(Red) both 6" I bought a new pair of tweeders + speakers, that I will be replacing the current ones with (Brown) , but they can use up to 75 Watts. Now a question here: I have an 2 Channel amp made for my old 10" Subs that is getting NO USE and WILL NOT BE SOLD, its about 350 Watts a channel I think, can I throw that in and use it for my new set of speakers?

Once I replace the Alpines (Brown) I would still like to get some use out of them, what would be the best spot I can put them in? The back rear door where the stock speakers are (Purple), if its ok to use an amp made for subwoofers, I'll just run it off the same amp as before, otherwise I would still like to use them, and run them off the deck if I have too.