I was curious about the optional hookup on some component sets X-overs concerning the -3dB for tweeters. I took this from someone's post on a review for some Infinity components:
"The crossover has a -3dB or 0 db choice for the tweeter, and you can reverse polarity to compensate for tweeter placement. This was very critical for best sound: I chose -3db and reversed polarity because my tweets were installed on the dash, in the corner of the windows. (speakers are designed assuming tweets and mids are same distance from ear. IF there is a 1" difference, there can be a 5-6Db hole (sound level 75% reduced at that point) reversing polarity + - hookup of tweeter can fix this..."
Does this make sense and is it correct? My friend was planning on installing his tweeters in the sailpanels and the woofers in the doors. Should he do what this guy did? He will be using Infinity Reference 505cs components and I think a cheap 2-ch 100-watt amp for now (until he saves money to buy a Kicker or US Acoustics). Thanks.