Hey, Im new to this whole thing. I love car audio as much as I love grappling in tournaments. OK so first thing...heres the current setup...

94 Honda Accord
Premier 880PRS head unit
-this one will make you laugh-2 Kicker KS 5.25" coaxial speakers mutted to a set of Boston Acoustics high-low end crossovers and tweets powered by a Memphis PR150.4 amp-2 channels only
2 Clarion 6.5" coaxials in the rear cut into the doors...6x9's were removed to use as ports for:
2 12" Memphis MOJO's

So I really am sick of the mutts, I now have the money to buy a really good set of 6.5" components. I will be modifying the doors greatly to accomodate them, but ah well, wheres the fun if you cant do some custom work...

I have been researching and looking for months...there is a problem, there are no Rainbow dealers around here. We have Focal and things of the like. I dislike JL Audio, Rockford and Alpine...
I have figured that if Im going to do cutting and customization to my doors, the ****ed speakers better be worth the frustration...I am trying to decide in particular between these two component sets:

Rainbow CS265p Vanadium
Focal 165k2p's.

I full well need a good component set so the old Mojos dont over power them, but also for good clarity. This is going to be more of an SQ setup, hence the Mojos only getting 400 watts rms...still I did win a comp in CT in my power class at 142.1 DB.

I would appreciate some input.