ok please help i know im finna have drowning out bass (4 18's walled)

and i want my highs and mids to keep up

i have the choice of these speakers which should i go with

8 sets of these (16 speakers altogether) for $60 a set

8 boxes of these $70 a set

or for boxes of these (not priced yet)

the salesman told me 4 of the last one would be louder and sound way better than 8 of the 2nd option both pioneers

im looking for components with soft dome tweeters is it worth it? or should i go head and get some titanium dome.....i think im disliking the idea of titanium becuase of my previous experience with lower end speakers....

also im looking at these lanzars

also i came across something called cdt how do they sound

im trying to sound good on a budget.......with 8 component sets

im looking to spend 600 for all the speaker sets.....

help keep me from crashing and burning

if anyone know some great budget components i should look into also let me know....