I would like to put a 3way setup in my new 2008 Toyota Rav4. I have about 85 watts x2 @4 ohm or 100 watts x 2 @ 2 ohm from a DLS A5. This would be a passive set so i would need to have crossovers built. Would need 6.5 midbass/3 to 4 in midrange and smallish tweeter to fit in the sail panels. The facotry locations have the mid down low in the door and the tweeter up high on the door right below the sail panel. I listen to mostly metal/rock (like 90%) with a little bit of everything else thrown in from time to time. I would like to stay around $300 to $350 max. Do you thing I would be able to do this? Would I be better off with a premade 3way set? Could I get really mice midbass and good sound quality from a quality 2way setup? My substage for now will be an IDQv2 run at about 500 watts from the 3rd channel of the A5. It will be sealed as I am trying to conceal everything in the storage area of the Rav4. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jim