I'd really like to avoid a big hoot about rear fill here. I'm well aware of the pros/cons.

So yesterday I was up at circuit city seeing what stuff they have left in that madhouse, & I picked up the zx350.4 i've been wanting for a while at 40% off. Right now I have some 30W rms pioneer coax's in my back off the headunit for rear fill. I wanna add a little bit more noise back there though becuase my deck is only rated at 14W rms, and you can only barely hear them sitting in the backseat, even when cranked.

I don't really want to spend money on new coax's for back there becuase I don't think it's worth it. My plan is to cut some holes in my back tray and add a 2nd pair of these pioneer 2ways; and run the two pairs at 8ohm on each channel (I have 3 pair's of these same coax's laying around from old cars). That should prolly give me about 40W off my amp, so the front will still be louder power wise. I plan on setting the amps crossover pretty high for the rear.

Will I be able to keep my front stage setup like this, or will the 4 speakers be a bit much with the additional cones?