I run my Boston Pro 60s active. Yesterday I finally installed my new JL amps, and as part of setting the amplifier gains, I tested the resistance of each speaker. My driver side tweet showed a resistance of 6.5 ohm, which I believe is normal for Boston tweets. But the passenger side tweet showed a 14 ohm resistance. I was wrapping things up late last night, so I didn't spend much time doing fiurther testing or listening to it. I do know that the tweet is working, but I don't know how well and I think at the very least there is less output from that one.

The wire run is failry short, with no splices, and I'm confident that my problem is not in the wiring.

Is this a normal sign of a blown tweeter? I always assumed it just wouldn't work at all. Is there anything else I should check for, or is it just time to replace it?