Ok guys I have a question, currently I'm working on my car I'm about to install my new Audio system which consist of 4x RE SX 12" d4 in a 6.8- 7.2 ft^3 enclosure tuned at 34hz powered by 2x US Amps MD-3D and for vocals I have 4x Sets of the RE 6.5 Comps thus a total of 8x RE 6.5 Speakers powered by 2x MD-21 and 4x subs.

Now I was wondering since I'm modifying i could put 2x more sets(4x more RE 6.5 speakers) and 1x more MD-21, thus a total of 12x RE 6.5 Speakers for the 4x RE SX12", my car is more for Demo purpose and Carshow thus I want it to be loud Inside and also loud outside it's not a every day drive car, so should 12x RE 6.5 be good or to much for the RE Sx's, or should i stay with 8x RE 6.5 speakers that i have right now?

the reason I ask is i don't have personal experience yet with RE and since I had some problems with my last install I was thinking about doing more speakers, my last Install was 4x MTX 7500 12" Sealed Box and I had 4x MTX 6.5 speakers which also was 50 wrms each, but the bass was to much for the vocals and since my car is more for demo, and since now I'm going from sealed to ported with a much Superior subs and with more than double the power, I'm thinking that maybe 8x RE 6.5 speakers wouldn't be enough for the SX 12's and was thinking doing 4x more RE 6.5 speakers.

so what do you guys recommend go 12x or stay with 8x RE 6.5, will the 8x RE 6.5 be more that enough?

Anyways thanks,