Looking to change out the speakers/sub and add an amp to my '08 Accord. 8" factory sub in rear deck. Any real problem mounting a new and better sub there without it being enclosed? A couple of dealers said it won't work (sound wise) one says the only unit he would recommend is a JL 8W1v2.
I communicated with the folks at Image Dynamics and the say there shouldn't be any issues with their units. He said there would be some drop off about 50Hz. I'm not looking to blow the windows out nor do i listen to hip hop. I do listen to a variety of other music. Rock, jazz, blues, alternative...

Looking for personal experiences.

Also: I listened to Hertz (HiEn) and Focal (KS i think) speakers and liked them both. Thinking about checking out the ID's as well. Any thoughts are welcomed. Any one know the ball price of ID comps and coax?