ok, long story short...bought 2 used comp sets off of friend who bought car with stereo in it..he didn't want stereo...there ya go.

now, i am testing these speakers tonight and find 2 problems.

1. is a mid that has a lead broke off where it glues or silicones to backside of speaker cone..i can get it to play, but have no clue how to fix... is is on a 6 1/2 mid from a motorsport comp set...part # on mid is DA 160M

2. on the other comp set which is a M5 series...i have a bad tweeter.. V60.123

anyone know of someone who can fix my lead problem on the mid ..and how about where to get replacement for the tweet? i contacted diamond..no response yet.

or rec a tweeter set that i could use on the M5 crossover and maybe i could just get a new set?