Ive been saving for roughly the last three years to upgrade my sound system. so i have a decent amount to spend. i am looking to upgrade subs and coponents and subs. i kinda splurged last year. and went from my two 12 inch d3's to 2 15 d9's. still stock components with a pioneer avx-p7300dvd head unit and two d6 1200.1 amps.

as far as components go i like decent sound but i am jsut looking to be loud. I was at a car show a few days ago and saw a guy using about 20 of these....

and it was absolutely obnoxious.... i loved it so i was just wondering if anyone has used them or could tell me a little more about them. or if you know of a better speaker for cheaper thats always good. I wanna spend roughly 500 bucks for the speakers and buy the amp accordingly... i am throwing the rest of the money at my subs.