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    Need Some Help Here!!!

    ok so im looking to bolt in some 4" coax speakers in my offroad toy.......and i am torn between my to favorite brands.....infinity and i guess ill leave it up to you guys to decide which speaker

    the JL
    evolution TR400-cxi

    on the other end


    Kappa 42.7i

    keep in mind these are just to hit the highs i have kickers L7's for the bass
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    Re: 4" speakers

    I would recommend you look into polks or boston acoustic too. I had much better luck with those in my 4" bose enclosures before I made a 6.5" mdf baffle and deadened the doors.

    I love the way the polk db501's sound. They are actually a 5" speaker, but will fit a 4" cutout.

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    Re: 4" speakers

    JL's are good but I would pick MB Quarts PCE 4" comps .

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    Re: 4" speakers

    neither. i say get some 4" MB Quarts. i was going to buy a whole new comp set today, having 2 sets in the front. after hearing and installing the 4" MB quarts along with my existing eclipse comps, it was all i needed. i have never heard a 4" sound do crips and clear and high volumes. it does not distort at all on any freq at any volume (unless clipping of course)

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