Hey guys, i am new to this forum and i need some help w/ spaekers for a 94 isuzu Rodeo.

First, i did search this site along with alot of other forums (Isuzu, offroad, car audio...alot) and couldn't come up w/ much.

i currently have a Jeep Wrangler as my Daily Driver. but i may get a 94 Rodeo from my parents as my new DD and park my Wrangler. if i get it i want to install a decent system.

i already have a 4 channel amp, mono sub amp and a JL 10w04 sub (yes old, yes still sounds awesome).

from the research i've done, the Rodeo only comes w/ 4" speakers in the front and rear. so i need some help, hopefully from some installers or owners of Rodeos that have done larger fronts and rears (speakers that is ).

i would love to go w/ 6 1/2's in the front and 5 1/4's in the rear. when searching i ran across one solution an installer came up w/, that custom fiberglass pods that mount on the front doors. well i am not skilled w/ fiberglass and since its a 94, i don't want to pay an installer for custom fiberglass work.

i will install everything myself. but would it be possible i could have a custom installer just install the 6 1/2 mids into the doors? the front oem speaker location are on the front of the dash, so i would liek to have the mids in the door and the tweets in the factory speaker locations.

what do you guys recommend?

thanks, sorry so long!