Good morning guys, newbie here was looking for some advice from our car audio l33t... heres the deal, I know some about subs and what not, and I have a limited budget. I will not be competing in competitions right now, maybe in the future. Just want something that sounds real good, and you can hear coming : )

I have narrowed it down to a few choices, you guys let me know what you think /best choice. I have ruled out JL w-7's (**** things are

12in kicker L7's, or a MTX 9500? or are there any other subs that are just as good/better? maybe same price range or cheaper? also, a few amp choices, (which brands are better, etc etc.) I was told with the two subs listed above, they require alot of power, and the MTX's have to be broken in, before cranking them up. Let me know, thanks for looking.

Budget, 500.00