I just felt like posting this. I replaced my factory speakers, which were powered by my sony es deck that puts out I think 22 watts rms X4. My after market speakers are receiving 100 watts rms each X 4 through amplifiers. My new set-up doesn't seem any louder than my factory speakers. Then I thought about it. I can turn my stereo up 80% of the way ( could turn it further but I'm worried of clipping) and it didn't seem that loud. I'm positive that it is louder, because when I get out of the car my ears are plugged, and they actually hurt. My factory speakers didn't do this really. I think the factory speakers just seemed louder because of the slight distortion. THe new speakers are amazingly clean. I'm running planet audio all the way around. I can't wait until I get a pair of 10" elemental k's. By the way did any of you happen to be the lucky people that were a part of the first group that got the ed NINe.1 amp? I just missed out. I'm pissed. I was a day late in ordering, because I wanted to ask them a question about the amp before ordering it. Now I have to wait for the next batch to order them.