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Reload Thread: Looking for speakers for 2001 Sunfire GT

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    Looking for speakers for 2001 Sunfire GT

    Hey there guys, as you can tell I am completely new here.

    I might as well list off what I want and plan on doing first off, because that will make the BS going away hopefully. I need:

    Head Unit
    2 4x6 speakers for the front
    2 6x9 for the back (not necessary however if I need to cut them, I am the only driver, and I rarely have passengers. I would rather have better speakers in the front, than poor speakers all around. Alternatively, if I have to cut the front speakers for the back ones, I don't mind too much, I just want to make sure it is a balanced sound)
    An amp? I really am not sure of what all I need from here on in.

    I am looking to upgrade my total sound system as you can tell, but I am a complete noob at car audio, as I can be found out by my recent purchase of some Sony X-Plod (Hmm, I think they called them that for a reason. they ****.) By the way, I still hate myself for wasting money on those.

    But anyways, my budget is around $500 - $650 or so, and I just want some ear-love for when I am driving on my many road trips as well as around town. I will be purchasing subwoofers later, however I would like to have some bass right now so some all around speakers would be very beneficial to my purchasing decision.

    Oh, and I like sound quality more than loudness, please help a noob out

    - Keith

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    Re: Looking for speakers for 2001 Sunfire GT

    First thing u need to do is upgrade the stock hu to an aftermarked one with at least 2 pre-outs, then sound deaden the front doors... I would then upgrade the front door speakers to 6.5" because 4x6s really **** in this car. Check out my sig and you can see there is lots of work to do on this car for just decent sound. gl.

    The DD: 2003 BMW 325i
    Currently: Factory 10 Speaker 'business cd' system
    Goals: Alpine 9855 + Sundown SA-12 & Soundstream Ref 700

    Some Old Pics

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    Re: Looking for speakers for 2001 Sunfire GT

    Your sunfire is the same setup as my cavalier. Here is my plan for the future.

    HU Pioneer DEH-P6000UB
    Front Pioneer REV components
    Rear Pioneer REV coax
    Sub Fi Q

    Amps Cadence TXA

    Do your research and that can all be had for right around your budget. Definately deaden your front doors tho.

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