So, I just bought an '89 Trans Am GTA, and I'm going to pull everything out of the Monte and transplant in it (see sig). It has 4x6 stock dash speakers, and 6x9 speakers right behind your head in the sail panels.

Here's my question: With the PG Rsd's comps in the sail panels(deadened and sealed), where should I place the tweets at? I'm afraid if I put them in by the 6.5, that it will be way too bright for my liking. After all, it is only about 1 ft away from your ears while driving. Should I try and place them a little lower, or maybe towards the front?

Also, I was looking at the RSD 4" or 4x6's for the dash. Does anyone have any experience with those?

And one more thing... I am sound deadening the entire car. What is the best bang for your buck deadener out there. I was looking at the second skin line, and it looks promising... Does anyone have any experience with "Fatmat"?

Thanks in advance for any help I receive on this