Need some speakers & amp to match my 12w6v2 powered by JL 500/1. If rear speakers are suggested in addition to the components for the front, then tack on another $300 for the budget. Not looking for overkill, just something that will match that sub in a ported box nicely. Thanks.

budget: $1100 for amp and front components - $1400 for amp, front components, & rear speakers (budget = max willing to pay, doesn't mean I want to pay all of that [would rather not really])

vehicle: jeep (hatchback)

music preference: rock, rap, electronic

Head Unit: Pioneer Premier DEH-P980BT (open to suggestions for other units however)

Currently looking at rainbow germanium cs 265.25 for the front w/ JL 450/4 amp and possibly some lesser rainbow's for rear fill. If the germanium's are suggested, then I need reassurance that they are not to soft for my music taste's (stated above). I don't like tweeters being too bright either if that helps. NEED SUGGESTIONS. THANKS.