Hey guys...I just bought a 1995 audi 90...awdbut anyway, onto the good stuff, It didnt come with a radio so i bought an eclipse 7000 to put into it...looked up the speaker sizes and i measured So i know there right...It has 4" inch speakers in the dash, and 5.25 in the rear doors...It has the premium sound but I dont even have a clue on how they will sound...I will let you guys know when I get the radio installed...But anyway, Im wondering, since its a 5 speed Theres no room for kick panels, and i dont think the 4" of speaker upfront will be enough, so would you guys recomend taking off the doorpanel and seeing about cutting a hole for a 6.5 speakers? The speakers, if i go aftermarket are going to be powered by a orion 400.4.

sorry about the ****** pictures, have a ****** camera and its terrible outside...