I'm thinking about upgrading my speakers to something a little more SQ oriented and laid back.

Right now I have a set of Hertz Hi-Energy 165L comps and they sound really great it's crisp and clear and has alotta kick to it. I'm powering it with a Soundstream Van Gogh 800.2 at 150W a piece. But like I said I want something more natural and laid back.

I've heard good about Rainbows and done research on them and used the SEARCH button. I'm thinking about picking up a set if not a set of their tweeters.

My question is there gonna be a difference between Hertz Teflon Fiber Dome Tweeter and Rainbows Silk Dome Tweeter? And the whole set of comps itself like SLC265 KICK or GERMS? Which is the better rainbow tweeter for my Hertz 6.5 Woofer?

All I have is reviews and written stuff about Rainbows and their stuff. I'd like to actually preview them before I spend a decent amount of cash. Anyone know where I can preview some Rainbows in Sacramento, CA or Fremont, CA area?