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Reload Thread: almost ready to place speakers, but which speaker setup should I go with

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    almost ready to place speakers, but which speaker setup should I go with

    Can't make up my mind!...any advice? The dash is apart and I'll have the tweeters and midrange in the lower A pillar area. I'll probably have the speaker angles optimized for when the seats are most or all the way back so to help even out the path lengths.

    I'd like to go with one of the following 2 options.

    option 1. put a 6" woofer (morel elate) near each corner of the dash for the midbass, trying to point them in the same direction as the tweeters and mids,..and next to each midbass put a 9" woofer (morel elate) to use for the sub.

    option 2. put a 9" midbass (morel supremo) as close to the corner of the dash as possible and angle it a bit so it's not pointing straight up. Then keep the 10" subs in their current location, which is in a box, one behind the driver's seat and one behind the passenger's seat...however if I go that route, I might decide to upgrade the subs. The amp can deliver 500 watts per channel but the current subs are rated at 200 watts. However before, when I was listening to music the subs seemed fine as I'm more interested in sound quality, not heavy bass. Also the amp runs nice and cool since it's not being pushed.

    With option 1, I'll have better control of the midbass angle which I guess isn't that important but I'm thinking of maybe crossing the midbass higher to see how that works and then the higher it's crossed over the more the angle should mesh with the midrange. Also I'll have the subs upfront in the dash which is unique plus I like the idea of all the music coming from the dash area. Also if I move the subs to the front I can turn the current sub boxes into concealed storage space, which would be handy since it's a small hatchback.

    The problem with option 1 is, will the subs sound a bit thin up there and would a 9" midbass have more kick or presence than a 6" midbass.

    With option 2, there would for sure be lots of space under the dash to turn the 9" morel supremo into a great midbass, but hardly any room to angle it. Maybe there would be just as much midbass presence from a 6" pointing towards me as from a 9" pointing mostly up? If I went with option 2 I'd get the supremo 9" instead of the elate 9" as I've done some reading and decided there's a very good chance the supremo 9" has more potential for a good midbass than the elate 9". Plus if I was using a 9" for midbass I should be able to cross it over nice and low so it could blend well with the subs in back.

    I can't decide which option will have the best sound. If both options will be very close then I would go with option 1. I've told the installer ok, I want it this way for sure then I change my mind and say, no the other way. I keep going back and forth.

    Here is a picture of the dash area incase it helps.

    One other thing. If I go with option #2, instead of the scan speak revelator 4" speakers for the midrange, I might have room for the skaaning speakers for the midrange|a|134|||
    which are a bit better, but then if I do that the 9" midbass would have to move away from the corner more towards the center of the dash.
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