I'm running a 10" 7500 in a small sealed enclosure firing into the passenger footwell, some mids?, and the cd2 comp horns as my front stage. I have two mtx 1004 amplifiers.

Need the third piece to take up the slack from somewhere as low as 60-80 hz on up to the horns at 800 hz or so. Obviously, they need to be LOUD and CLEAN. I am thinking it makes the most sense to run two 6.5" speakers per side.

I have spoken with madisound about some home equipment and have an idea of what might work great from them-

however, i'm looking to see what ya'll's esteemed opinions might be for my options.

just fyi- the vehicle also has 5.1 surround with clarion processing, audiocontrol crossovers, 3 mtx 9515-4s powered by 3 942s, and clarion 4" coaxial/5.25" component center/surround channels.