ive been having an issue with my mids lately, making a weird noise at certain frequencies. first here's my setup:

6.5" AA poly mid's
DLS MS6 tweets and crossovers, tweets set at 0db
orion 4002, gain set at 90 RMS
Fiberglass custom kick panels.
HPF @ 80htz with a -12db slope

the make almost like a whistling noise.. like when you have a subwoofer in a box, and the box isn't sealed correctly.

there seem to be some small (and i mean very small) air leaks in the kickpanels, but the noise isn't coming from them, im positive it's coming from the speakers, i put a bead of non hardening clay where the speakerbasket meet the kick to make sure there was a very good seal, so that's not the issue.

if i had to guess, the sound happens from somewhere between 150 and 300 htz (very rough estimate. really, i have no idea what im talking about)

could it be possible that the kicks are too small? i've put some polyfil in them, but im not really sure if it did anything or not.

what about porting the kicks? ive heard of people porting them into the wheel well. any thoughts on that?