Hey guys, Ive got a set of infinity kappa perfect 6.1 components, and Im looking to upgrade a bit. My rear speaks and sub completely overpower them.
So i bought a ppi 2200m amp and now i need the speakers.
I was thinking:
-mb quart 216 qsd that handle 150 w nominal, or the
-focal 165 k2p which says is 100w nominal (same as my infinity) but Im open to suggestions.
Im changing my sub set up too Im going to use two ppi 2150am amps to power two subs (yet to be determined but not the infinity), so I really need the fronts to hit hard to keep up.
The infinity kappa 57.1 with the ppi am 2075 has worked out great and has been an excellent combo in the back. I would recommend to anyone for some SPL for not too much moola.
Should I just get the mb quarts and be done with it? Any ideas?