*Cliff notes below if you dont want to read

i've been doing a lot of reading, and researching, and looking at different ideas. Im looking for a mid to go active with rainbow cal 25alks. the mids will be in the doors, plan is all wood baffle, from the door to the mid, with non-hardening clay, also the doors will be deadened. Tweet will be in the sails.

Was wondering which mid to go with, the ever-so-popular bang for buck aa polymids? dayton ref? adire extremis 6.4? or ID cx62?

The freq response im looking for is around 63hz - 3.3hz but im pretty flexible, since the tweet can play a decent range. i know some of the mids im looking at dont offer that range, but im okay with it,

i have 70x4 @ 4 ohms availiable and if i go with the ID's it'd be 140 @ 2ohms for them. if an 8ohm mid is suggested, i want to be sure it will sound great off 35-40 watts

Price range... extremis are about as expensive as i'll go, but im hopeing to get below 150ish if possible, but if the price vs performance is worth it, im willing to shell out more

Also open to suggestions

Cliff Notes:
- What mids?
*aa polymid?
*dayton ref?
*adire extremis
*id cx62
- Price: < $150
- Open to suggestions
- Freq: looking for 63hz - 3.3k hz (mids in doors)
- HU: alpine 7998
- Tweet: Rainbow cal 25
- Amp: RF 551X

Thanks for the help!