I am pretty much a car audio noob all though i have installed everything in my previous cars. I am looking for some nice 5x7/6x8 speakers to fit my front and rear doors of my new car. I want to have some sort of components in the front with the tweeter mounted on the A-pillar and regular speakers in the back.

I am looking to spend around 100-200 buks for a paoir of components. I could see myself spending around the same for the rear speakers. I was looking at Infinity's before but it seems like a lot of you guys think you get get better for your buck. I also read good stuff about Rainbow SLC's but they are too much for just one pair of components.

Again, i am new to this so i just need something that is going to sound very clean for an SQ set up, but i also want to buy speakers nice enough so i wont need to upgrade later on! I am thinking of running a 12 inch RE sx in a slealed enclosure for my bass if that has any bearing on the type of speakers i want. Thanks for the help.