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    Speaker Problem

    So I go to work this morning and my front speakers are working fine. Then at lunch time, I drive home, speakers are still working fine but then they just stop working. I'm like WTF. I check all the wiring and thats okay. I check the RCA and that was okay. I hooked up my back speakers and they worked fine. The exact same way I had it when my front speakers where hooked up. I even hooked up my front speakers to my head unit and they worked. But they will not be powered by my amp. I know the channels aren't dead cause my back speakers worked fine when I hooked them up. So does anyone else have any ideas what is wrong?

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    Re: Speaker Problem

    Yup. Maybe RCA's got sliced, or something.
    Could be the RCA outs on the deck.
    Also could be wiring to speakers.

    So you hooked up your back speakers on the same channels as your fronts and they worked when you did that?

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    Re: Speaker Problem

    Probably a wiring problem between the amp and the fronts.
    Hooking up the rear speakers to the fronts channels and getting sound means the amps channels are fine
    If powering the fronts off of the HU used different wires than the fronts were using from the amp (and it works on the hu) it's probably the wires from the amp to the front speakers. If it used the same wires as the amp did to power the fronts...then i am confused

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