I was at car toys just trna get a good stock replacemnt and i get some Infinity Reference 9612i, wtf, they sound really terrible the highs and mid bass are ok but the bass is horific, Im running them in a 1995 buick centry from a kenwood mp 5032 so i know its not the deck. Im moving to ga so ima need my trunkspace so i wanna wait to get my amp and subs but i cant do it it like worse then the stock speakers.

BAsically i wanna hook them up to a amp 50x2 wich ima buy anyway when i get my subs but maybe with some componets are these speaks savalagabe or should i look for somthing else Im a rap listner manit bassesy down souf beats

if not its ok i think ill get some components for the front and a 4 channel amp i wanna do it this weekend

also just because curosity killed ther cat, i used to have some kicker 693 6x9's in my acura a couple opf years ago how do these stack up?