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Reload Thread: Setting Rainbow SLC X-over questions

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    Setting Rainbow SLC X-over questions


    Got my amp finally running after using an LOC. Hooked up the Rainbows and starting to tweak my system (70w x 2 @ 4 ohm). I have several questions for the SLC:

    1st) The x-over have the pin that have -6. -3, 0dB level, is that the attenuation of the tweets only? or for both the tweets and the woofer? I have the woofer installed in the factory door location and the tweet are in the fatory location as well (right at side mirror level).

    2nd) the halagen bulb in the X-over, when it lights up, does that mean that there's too much power to the tweets?

    3rd) when I turn the volume all the way down, i noticed there's a hissing sound coming out of the tweet, but not the woofer. Is this normal? I might play around with the polarity to see if I have my connection right.

    I've haven't turn it up yet, because the manual recommended 10 hrs break in period.


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    Refs: 6spdcoupe, hoss

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    Re: Setting Rainbow SLC X-over questions

    crank them screw the break in... the will break in and sound better but you wont blow anything if you are smart.

    1. tweet only

    2. no clue

    3. try turning the "high" down a little bit.

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    Re: Setting Rainbow SLC X-over questions


    yes, but not usally a problem.

    Sounds like the gain is a bit high, adjust it on the LOC.

    Break in is a good thing, let them gentle stretch before running.

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