I bought a pair of brand new Infinity Reference series 6010cs comps, and installed them. I’ve had them in for about 2 weeks they played fine for about a week but now the Driver side front speaker sounds like TOTAL CRAP . When they were first installed they sounded ok. But now the midbass sounds blown. I know its not because they only had 75 watts max. The mid bass is rated at 90 RMS and 270 Peak. And the tweeter is less (and not blown). Also, when I hook it up to my home stereo and play it, it sounds fine. As soon as I hook it up to the amp in my car its sounds crapy again. All the other speakers sound fine except this one and they are all on the same amp. I am starting to lean against poor manufacturing because when I press down on the surround in one spot wile its hooked up to the car the noise goes away. But when I manually move the driver there is no voice coil rub at all. (Pressing on the sides and in the center). I don’t know what it is. That also doesn’t explain why it plays fine on the home stereo. I’m stumped, and don’t want to pay to ship it back for a replacement, if I can even get it replaced. ARGHHH!!!! I’m sooooo pissed. Any ideas, I’m all out.