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Reload Thread: where to mount tweeter???

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    where to mount tweeter???

    i wanna mount my tweeter in the windshield runchannel i really don't wanna drill a hole in the door to put it there is there anywhere else i can put it say beside the 6.5 (i have to make a bracket for the door anyway) or is there somewhere else that i can put it without doing extensive drilling or cutting to the car

    Vehicle: 2000 GMC Sierra Z71
    Satellite Radio: Sirius Sportster
    Headunit: Panasonic LCD Touch Panel CD/DVD CQVD7003U
    Front Speakers: Kicker K65.2 Components
    Rear Speakers: Kicker 6.5 Coaxils
    Speaker Amp: Kicker KX650.4
    Sub Amp:Elemental Designs Nine.1
    Sub: ?


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    Re: where to mount tweeter???

    The windshield pillar is where I mount all of my tweeters. It's difficult to get the imaging right and it looks shoddy when they are really rounded but it works for me. With most components it requires drilling only two or three small holes.

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    Truck: 1998 Ford Ranger SC 2.5L 4 cyl 5 spd
    Mods- 195/60R15 Cooper Cobra Tires on stock rims
    System: HU- Eclipse CD8454, 2 Dayton RS180 7" midbass, Optimus 3" Horn Tweets hotglued to the dash, 3 12" JL W6v1's downfiring sealed, PPI PCX2200 @ 4 ohms, Alpine MRV-F545 mids and highs, 2 layers of Raamat on the doors.
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    Re: where to mount tweeter???

    never put the tweeter in the a-piller IMO

    mount the tweeter closest to the woofer as possible

    supercoupe enthusiast x9

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