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Reload Thread: BA Z6's vs BA 3-Way 6.5 Pros

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    BA Z6's vs BA 3-Way 6.5 Pros

    I already have a set of Boston Acoustic 3-way 6.5 Pros. The main thing is with installing them I would have to cut up the door panels in my GTO and fiberglass something up, which I'm really not wanting to cut up this car like that. So I'm wondering how do the BA Z6's stack up the the 3-way Pros. Of course I hear the Z6's are better...

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    Re: BA Z6's vs BA 3-Way 6.5 Pros

    I know the Z6's get loud. It all depends on the install and the location, so I'd say go with whatever speaker that you could put in the best location in your ride. Since you don't want to cut up your doors, I'd go with the Z6's, but they are a tad more expensive.

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