hello everyone, well i've been to this forum for a while and well i want to change to a new setup, i currently have this:

Hu: Sony 23.2watt RMS (don't know what model off hand)
Front Speakers: this is where i need help
Rear Speakers: Alpine Type S 5 1/4inch Coax
Subwoofer: Pioneer TS-W306C 12inch
Subwoofer Amp: Lanzar Vibe1800D Mono Amp 400Watts RMS
Subwoofer Enclosure: 2.00CUFT Ported to 30HZ

Okay well i need help on my front dash speakers they have 3.5inch opening i don't really want to spend the money on purchasing Kicks or making them so i was looking at these:

will they work okay if i tune my low Freq to 90HZ on my sub amp and then tune those 3.5 to 90HZ and up? i want the best sounding setup as possible for my front stage with those 3.5inch speakers. they are 35Watts RMS so i will definitly amp those in the future..

Thanks for any help