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Reload Thread: Ford escort '99.... Door sizes?

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    Ford escort '99.... Door sizes?

    I have diamond d6 components and a ford escort '99.

    Today I finally figured out how to stick speaker wire into my door without drilling and all of that nonsense and hvae it not look tacky with a wire sticking out of nowhere.

    Then I tried sticking my 6.5 mids in.. adn they dont fit. They just do not fit in the hole at all, one side goes in, while the other side will be sticking out. Sound advice said the doors may be 5 1/4" (but he pulled that out of th etop of his head afte rsome thought) .. but circuit city and some car fitment guides say 6.5, along with sonic electronix.

    If my doors are 6.5, why is it that my 6.5 components wont fit in my doors?

    oh thast right, my door panel's pretty much offer MAYBE a quarter inch more of space before it gets really tight with the speaker. and i'd probably need a half inch of MDF to make it fit properly.

    1999 Ford Escort

    Pioneer Premier DEH-P770MP

    Rainbow CS 265 X-Plain
    Orion 3002 amp

    2 10" kicker vr comps
    Orion 600D
    sealed box

    stock rears :]

    refs: 6spdcoupe, pimpedout97x

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    Re: Ford escort '99.... Door sizes?

    most aftermarket speakers are "oversized" and won't fit most stock locations. that's partially why people build kicks, doorpods, or use mdf rings on the stock locations. (other reasons for those are various, not going into detail). if you can, just use an mdf ring/spacer. if not, then look into shallow mount speakers.

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    Re: Ford escort '99.... Door sizes?

    its the same with my truck i got an 89 f-150 fosgate speakers just dont fit in there, only speakers that ever fit in there were alpines

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