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Reload Thread: All speakers are microphones;

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    Icon31 All speakers are microphones;

    I remembered reading about this, and it came up in conversation.

    So I googled, here's a link.
    It's neat info for people that didn't already know.

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    Re: All speakers are microphones;

    I knew about that about 10 years ago... I thought maybe a set of speakers could be a good microphone...

    hAhA > LMAO > LOL

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    Re: All speakers are microphones;

    About 15 years ago, in my ghetto days, I made a head set for a two way radio out of and old pair of head phones. I took the left speaker, put it on a peice of coat hanger that was stratiegically secured to the headphone and wired it so i had a PTT button halfway to the radio.

    Very ghetto, but it worked! LOL!!!

    2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP

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