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Reload Thread: The Ultimate Sound Board

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    The Ultimate Sound Board

    The idea here is to select 5 of the components you would like to hear next to each other for listening and comparison purposes. Much of the experience of selecting the "best" set is going out and auditioning those that interest you and letting your ears be the final decision maker. However, the problem we run into is not being able to listen to our top 5 choices side to side. Plus it's a PITA to track down what you want and spend the time driving all over town shopping.

    So if you had an unlimited budget and could put up 5 different two way sets, which ones would you choose? Not to make it overly scientific, but they would all run off the same amplifier and would receive the same signal.

    Here are my picks...they are all pre CES 2006 and are all $1000 or less because I would never spend more than that on a set:

    1) Dynaudio System 240 MKII
    2) Seas Lotus Reference
    3) Polk Audio SR6500
    4) Boston Acoustic Z6
    5) DLS Ultimate Iridium 6.2

    Your turn, go

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    Re: The Ultimate Sound Board

    No particular order.

    1. Dynaudio System 240 MKII
    2. Seas Lotus Reference
    3. DLS Iridium 6.2
    4. Rainbow Plantium (2way active series)
    5. DLS Nobelium 6.2

    Dyn MW160/Lotus RM110/Seas Neo Alum/Idmax
    Alpine PDX

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    Re: The Ultimate Sound Board

    Rainbow Platinum
    Focal Utopia Be
    Genesis Absolute
    Morel Elate
    DLS Nobellium

    rainbow....homemade sounds best
    DYNAUDIO E S O T E C....Mobile Fidelity

    Panasonic Vacuum Tube
    TRU Technology SSLD6
    TRU Technology STEEL S44 & S500
    DYNAUDIO Esotec System 362
    Dynaudio MW190 12" (x2) IB
    Stinger Expert/Esoteric Audio Isopath/Cascade

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