I have been out of the sound game for awhile now and it is time to get back in. I started to give it a go a year or so back and some *** stole my 3 month old 770mp premier so I said to hell with it and left the wires hanging out of the open slot just as the thief left em. I am on a budget and working with some older components. I would like to find a horn/8"mid front stage for a good price. I won't be competing but I would like to get some quality stuff. I have a 95 Bronco so space is not a concern.
What I need :
Horns (Prefer ID but not written in stone)
6 1/2" or 8" mids with crossovers

What I have now:
3 15" Shocker xtremes 24 cubes tuned to 43hertz. Baffle insert to 32hertz
3 Lanzar Vibe 1200d
1 Lanzar vibe 1500d
Alpine 3154 50X4/ 150x2
PPI Art series 150x2
Pioneer Premier 860mp

I know that the stuff I have now is by no means sq equipment, but I don't want to just throw in any old crap up front. I want some nice mids that hit well and can keep up with a good set of horns. If my amps are not up to par then give me some direction there also. As far as the front stage I would like to keep it under $300. I know that is a tight budget for horns but I have seen several nice deals here in the past for that price.