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    Would like some opinions on my speaker selection

    For my new SUV I plan to put in some CDT ES620's I can get them for around 300 shipped. They are 180 watts RMS and I plan to push them with a US Amp AX600 or some other SQ amp that can do 180-200watts 2 channel @ 4 ohms.

    what do you guys think?

    I've done some searching on the forum here and I've found that alot of people seem to compare CDT to DLS....or to be more specific:

    CDT ES620 vs. DLS Iridium 6.2

    People are saying that with alot of power (which I plan to do) the CDT's sound amazing....but the DLS's will sound as good if not better then the CDTS at a lower wattage.

    well anywho...I can get the CDT's for a great price...and if I power them right I think I should be ok.

    are there any other really good SQ speakers I should take a look at around the same price.

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    Re: Would like some opinions on my speaker selection

    You have PM -- also rainbow seems to cause people to salivate...

    Dylan Matlow -- Ology Audio


    Believe it or not That is a 6.5"

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    Re: Would like some opinions on my speaker selection

    The es's are going real cheap right now. CDT has improved the mids and they should have the new ones out within a month or so. Make sure the set your buying has the drt26 tweeters and the xovers dont have a yellow board. If the set doesnt the tweeters arent that great cause it will use the es100 or tw25 which are decent but not as good as the drt26 is.

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