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Reload Thread: Grand Am Owners...

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    Grand Am Owners...

    I own a 93 GT 2 door and can't get the panel apart to reach the front speaker for the life of me.

    All of the screws are out and the whole outside of the panel is loose, but the inside in the center it's as if something is grabbing... not sure what to do, but I'm on the verge of snapping it off and just epoxying the whole darn panel back on.

    Any suggestions, folks?

    Copied this pic from a link someone sent me over on CAF when trying to give them an idea of what I'm seeing.

    It looks like it comes apart in pieces, but believe it or not everything is SOLID against one another. It's all or nothing.

    On another note:

    Comparing these two sets of front speakers. Are there any major differences between the two that I should know about?

    Also is that place a reliable one to order from? Never heard of them until I was sent those links.

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    Re: Grand Am Owners...

    I'm not really sure about your door skin but I have a 97 Grand Am SE and I thought you should know that my car had stock 4X6 speakers too but if you take out the little pod that the speaker sets in you can build a template that size and fit up to a 6.5" speaker. Atleast thats what I did. If you like 4x6s thats fine but if you're putting those in because you think you have to you might wanna check that out.

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    Re: Grand Am Owners...

    I have an alero(grand am and alero are sisters) look behind the door handle for a plastic plate that will pop off, there are 2 screw behind it, also is there a reflector on the door, if so there is a screw behind that as well.

    I hope this helps.

    (im assuming GM didnt get to creative)

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