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Reload Thread: swap 5x7s to 5 1/4s?

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    swap 5x7s to 5 1/4s?

    heres the deal i have a ford ranger, 5x7s all the way around, i hate the SQ of them even my digital audios, should i just fiberglass some 5 1/4s into my doorpanel? or get kicks? or what i really want a good sounding SQ system, i've thought about puttin the alpine type s components in there but i'd really like a reveiw from you guys first, any suggestions will be appriciated, thanks


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    Re: swap 5x7s to 5 1/4s?

    get kicks and put some 6.5"s maybe components in there!

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    Re: swap 5x7s to 5 1/4s?

    You can buy a 5x7 to 5 1/4 adapter from crutchfield...kinda pricey for a piece of's the link I drive a ford also...anyone know how to fit 6.5s in there??

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    Re: swap 5x7s to 5 1/4s?

    Get crappy stock size... (please never do this)
    Make the crappy stock size smaller so it is atleast round!
    Make a fiberglass speaker pod...
    Make a fiberglass kick panel!
    BOTH... This is tricky though due to different distances from your ear type deal... you need to hire an engineer for this one and you need some $$$... or just live with the consequences... I would say just do one or the other (speaker pod or kicks)

    Depending on how lazy you are and how much money you are willing to spend... there is an option for everyone

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