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    ID Horns

    I think I am going to go with the ID CD1-Pro horns or the CD2-Comp horns. The CD2's are like $400 more than the CD1's. Anyone have any experience with either and could justify the extra money for the CD2's. Im going to run 50 watts to whatever ones I get and pair them up with some 6.5" or 7" mids that can handle 200 watts each. I'm looking to compare to a high end 3-way set like the CDT 07's or the Dyn 340 set. I would hate to get the CD1's and later wish I would have just went for the 2's. Thanks for the input. Also, are there any other companies which make horns that compare to the ID's? I remember USD from back in the day but haven't heard shitt on them lately.
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    Re: ID Horns

    I'm selling some CD1ev2's w/ xovers.

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    Re: ID Horns

    I'd try posting this on Image dynamics official forum. There are a lot of people who have used basically the entire product line and can give you really good advice. I'd say if you feel like you can wait the extra amount of time required to get the CD-2's you might as well. No reason to regret it later, but if you feel like it's just too expensive, the don't. The CD-1's are really nice too.

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    Re: ID Horns

    For ease of setup and ease of tuning, CD1pro's win that battle from my experiences. CD1pro's are my favortie overall horn they've offered.

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