Item(s) for Sale:
CDT HD6, HD5, DRT25, TW 25, ES-200US, AND Image dynamics ID10v3d2

Item(s) Description/Condition:
all speakers were used in my truck and brother truck for about a month. We had to get rid of both trucks so speakers are going too.
All speakers work perfectly fine. One of the dust caps is dented in on a HD5 mid and that is pretty much it, and it is show in the picture. They are all practically brand new. I also have various tweeter cups that I will throw in as well. I removed the back beauty covers that go over the magnets on the subwoofers to allow .5" more mounting depth also.

2- HD6 Mids - 150.00
2- Hd5 Mids - 100.00
2- DRT25 Silk Tweet - 100.00
4- TW 25 Silk Tweet - 80.00 for a pair
4- ES-200US crossovers - 250.00 for the pair
2- Image Dynamic ID10V3D2 subwoofers - 100.00 each

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

Shipping will be determined by what product is sold, i will charge actual shipping rates, as im not looking to make money on the shipping. I will also ship however fast you would like.

Item Pictures: