1. Products:

(4) Selenium 8w4p's

(1) Selenium 10MB3P 10" Woofer / Midbass

2. Specs:

Selenium 10MB3P 10" Woofer / Midbass
Selenium's 10MB3P was developed to excel at midbass sound reproduction in professional speaker systems. It provides high output with low distortion when used in vented, sealed, or horn-loaded applications. The 10MB3P features high power handling, great efficiency, and rugged reliability, while its smooth, extended response facilitates the choice of driver cutoff frequencies. Its 3" voice coil is wound with flat aluminum wire on a polyimide former, and the moving parts are housed in a low profile injected-aluminum chassis. Specifications: *Power handling: 300 watts RMS *Voice coil diameter: 3" *Le: 0.596 mH *Impedance: 8 ohms *Re: 5.3 ohms *Frequency range: (-10 dB) 150 to 4,000 Hz *Magnet weight: 90 oz. *Fs: 80 Hz *SPL: 100 dB 1W/1m *Vas: 0.81 cu. ft. *Qms: 16.45 *Qes: 0.47 *Qts: 0.46 *Xmax: 0.6 mm *Dimensions: A: 10.24", B: 9.1", C: 4.69".

Selenium 8W4P 8" Woofer
Specifications: *Power handling: 150 watts RMS/300 watts max *VCdia: 1.81" *Le: 0.79 mH *Nominal impedance: 8 ohms *Re: 5.2 ohms *Frequency response: 100-6,500 Hz *Magnet weight: 44 oz. *Fs: 107 Hz *SPL: 96 dB 1W/1m *Vas: 0.32 cu. ft. *Qms: 13.2 *Qes: 0.74 *Qts: 0.70 *Xmax: 2.0 mm *Dimensions: Overall diameter 8.07", Cutout diameter 7.2", Depth 3.66".

3. Descriptions/Condition of all items:

None of these speakers have ever been installed or amp ever hooked up to them. Some of these speakers have only a few minutes of playing time on them. I mostly had a few of these hooked up to a little cheap *** home stereo or my cars H.U. to hear what they sound like.

One of the 8in speakers had a drill bit slip when I was testing fitment into some MDF rings I cut. Bit did not puncture a hole through the speaker. More like just a dent *SEE PICS BELOW* Speaker plays fine still

10/10 Mechanically

9/10 on the 10" MB because of the dent, and on 1 of the 8" because of the paper backing on the magnet being torn some, NOTHING MECHANICALLY WRONG.

4. Total Price: :

$250 for all,


$170 shipped for the (4) 8's

$85 shipped for the (1) 10"

5. Pictures:

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