I hope nobody flakes out. want this show to go on...

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Hello Everyone,

Please reply to this e-mail with "Understood", just to let me know that you received and read this.

The October 2nd MECA Extreme Autofest (in Phoenix @ Firebird International Racway) Event status is tentative!

I have been asked if I would be interested in taking over the Event Director. Given the fact that we already have the Saturday, September 25th Southwest Audiofest show at Audio Adrenaline in Prescott Valley, I am not sure if I wish to undertake an Event that is part of some else's car show being held only one week afterward.

Please call me, Dave Ritter @ (520) 245-2528 to confirm whether or not the MECA portion of Exteme Autofest will be held before making the trip to Phoenix!

Please let me know if you would absolutely, positively compete IF I were to agree to be the Event Director.

Thank you.

Dave Ritter
AZ, NM MECA Event Director
[email protected]
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