Audio Shoppe - Riverside Ca. - March 20th - Gates open at 9am

Beach Autosound - Huntington Beach Ca. - April 17th - Gates open at 9am

Extreme Autofest - San Diego Ca. - May 23rd - Gates open at 9am

Speakerworks "Old School" Show - Orange, Ca. - June 12th - Gates open at 9am

I know Aubrey is working on putting together events in Nor Cal as well, so stay tuned.

I will make a post for the Audio Shoppe show soon.

Also, we will do a So. Cal. MECA Judge training on March 20th

California state finals will be in EARLY OCTOBER !! So get your points quick.

Contact me if you would be interested in being a MECA judge.

Todd Woodworth
(909) 816 2640
[email protected]

Check out the MECA site: