If anyone wants to get their setup metered, I have a Kriss SPL meter which reads 3 dbs higher then the TL, but is extremely consistant. I am in Port St. Lucie, shoot me a PM if you want to get together. I would not mind donations for my time though, haha.

EDIT: It also has a function for frequencies greater then 100 hz, so you can get your mids and highs metered as well. A cool function the TL doesn't have if I do say so myself.

Story time: I don't know how accurate it is, but I measured a small firework detonated 1 foot away from the mic @ 150.2 dbs. I had one of those same fireworks explode in my hand (must of had gunpowder on the wick, lit as soon as the wick was ignited), and I could hear nothing but high pitched ringing for ~5 seconds, speech was muffled enough so i couldn't understand words for 30 seconds, and about 2 minutes before my hearing returned to normal (except for the pain in my ears and head). My hand also felt like it had been hit by a sledgehammer. So if anyone's mids and highs are approaching 150 dbs I will let you meter it while I stand 100 ft away with my hands covering my ears lol.