September 2nd, 2007 this will be a Ridin Clean event with a IASCA SQC, IdbL & EBB 1x & a dB Drag & Base Race 1x,

USF Sundome Lot E,
4202 East Fowler Ave,
Tampa, FL 33620,

registration will start at 10 a.m. and run through 3 p.m. show will start at 11 a.m. and run through 4 p.m. It will be $25.00 for IdbL, $25.00 for Bass Boxing $25.00 for dB Drag & $25.00 for Bass Race or $40.00 for both or $70.00 for all 4, IASCA SQC will be $25.00. Trophies will be awarded for 1st place, IASCA will do medals for 2nd - 3rd, Db Drag certificates for 2nd - 3rd,
this is part of the Ridin Clean Custom Auto Shows 2007 Tour is underway. 2007 tours will feature point events in Iasca Idbl & Bass Boxing as well as DB Drag & Bass Race divisions hosted by With over 30 automotive Classes to compete in! 2007 tours will also feature "Cleanest Domestic Cars, Trucks , SUV's" , "Cleanest Import & Euro Cars , Trucks, SUV's", "Cleanest Donk / Classic", "Cleanest Sport Bike / Chopper divisions. All makes and models of vehicles are welcome: Cars,Trucks, Bikes, SUV's, Donks, imports, Euro's, Classic's and more. Registration starts at 9:30am with each show being in full motion by Noon. there will be Trophies awarded, Give aways and prizes in each class. Register in advance or day of show 813-290-0943. If you are a vender and would like to take part in 2007s tour please contact R.Cabrera @ 813-356-9969
NEW. We will be hosting the loudest train Horn contest (viewers choice award) hosted by our good friends at